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The Way Through

What are the chances that this virus is going away sooner rather than later?

Like most people, I’m concerned about how this will affect the global economy. I’m not worried about getting the virus; if I do, I’ll deal with it according to medical advice and attention.

Here in Australia, we are still living life as normally as possible. Some have chosen to work from home, to be remote. Students in public schools are still attending, and will do so until the end of next week, when the term ends as normal. Unless of course, the government communicates a change in plans.

Now is the time to collaborate. With each other, neighbours, the government. Now is the time to listen and hope for the best. Because, to answer my own question, I think it’s likely coronavirus will be around for a while.



4 thoughts on “The Way Through”

  1. When I listen to the news, here in the US, I sometimes wonder if this virus is pulling people together or apart. I think for the general public, everyone is willing to come together and help each other. The president however, calling COVID-19 by other insulting names, is doing nothing to unify nations at a time of trouble.

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    1. I tend not to comment on politics in the best of times, especially when I’m not a citizen of the country in question, and even more so in light of this bloody virus 😳 but always happy to have comments 😀 Thanks ❤

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