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Working from home

I am currently, like most of the world’s population, working from home.

One of the positives is that the amount of time on my hands seems to have increased. I have time to write here on my blog on my work days, whereas usually, I have to skip these days. But in the time that I am usually frantically telling T1 and T2, and Our Girl to hurry up, brush their teeth, grab their lunchboxes, put on their blazers, and in that period where I clean up the kitchen, brush my own teeth, check my handbag for lunch, glasses and phone, then rush out the door to drive the twenty minutes to work, I can sit here at my laptop and write. All before 9AM.

I don’t have the stress of driving, wondering if someone’s going to change lanes without noticing me. Or if I’m going to trip on the footpath on the way to my car at the end of a workday (don’t laugh – it’s happened! One of the drawbacks of growing old, I think…can’t right myself as quickly anymore.)

And one more…I don’t have to stare aimlessly in the walk-in robe, wondering what to wear, looking at all the clothes that no longer fit and wander along the countless branches of my memory, only to end up putting on one of the three outfits that fit.

And on that note…it’s almost time to shift into work mode—wearing gym tights and a T-shirt, unshowered, no makeup and hair askew—so have a good day bloggers!


Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

12 thoughts on “Working from home”

  1. Those countless branches of thought…..I am guessing you are one of the many women how have posted that another benefit of working from home is no bra lol thanks for joining in my prompt Linda x

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