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Not lonely.

Sure, missing friends and regular routine, but I’m not lonely. The house is far too small and, with five inhabitants, there is literally nowhere to go to be alone for long enough to feel lonesome. We don’t even have large yards in which the kids can scamper, nor a driveway to chalk out hopscotch, or bounce balls.

I’m working from home three days, so there’s enough to keep me busy. The other non-work days I either read or write fiction (I should be doing more of the latter…feeling guilty), or sometimes I do small tasks through my contract/freelance role.

In a way, I’m glad we’ve been forced to slow down. Personally, looking back, I think I was wound up like a spring. So this time of chill, hibernation, and decompression is rather good timing. For me. But for those of you who are feeling lonely in isolation, I’ve chosen the image of a red rose for this post as an offering of connection and friendship.

How are you all coping? Let me know, leave a comment – I love a chat!

15 thoughts on “Lonely?”

      1. Yeah, no worries. My three girls have well left home, got heaps of room. Make sure their pockets are stuffed with cash as I couldn’t afford to keep them in food πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Do you deliver?

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      2. Well, they are but we see little evidence around here. Maybe you could offer a kind of boot camp/military boarding school option, where insubordination is met with a clip across the ears or a swift whack to the upper legs with a cane. Kidding, of course 🀣🀣🀣 In no way do I endorse corporal punishment 😱


  1. I’m a lot less lonely because I’m so busy with so many calls and e-mails. I’ve also been getting more text messages from friends who check in and I check in on them too. It’s been nice to have a circle of friends connecting like this even though we now rarely see one another.

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    1. Aw thanks Tracy, that’s awfully nice of you. The kids are almost entirely on their devices which is appalling parenting!! And mostly in their rooms, again appalling parenting given their ages and all the research that advises to keep an eye on children and tech! Cest la vie! Take care yourself…managing your T1 OK? And you can get insulin, I guess? ❀

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      1. I think the kids just need a break. Too stressful at the moment. I would love something like that to take my mind off the pandemic.
        The T1 is going fine. And yes I do have insulin. I’ve gold insulin in the fridge that is over 10 years old and has expired. When Katrina hit the US and people couldn’t insulin, it was a huge wake up call. So I’ve got enough for a several months and I’ll use the old stuff if I have to. After that, the family can use me for dog food. See, I’ve thought of everything. πŸ˜‰

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