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Movie marathon

Yesterday, I was in a quandary over whether to exercise or watch movies. Because I am lazy and prone to inactivity, I chose the latter. In fact, Hubster and I did a Brad Pitt marathon (good man, he is…Hubster and Brad).

We did a repeat viewing of Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood and then watched World War Z and Kalifornia, the latter two I’ve never before seen. (I know, right? I am also amazed a few have slipped past my viewing pleasure given Mr Pitt has taken up a fair amount of my thoughts in the last thirty-odd years.) And then, as last night was the end of DLS (my favourite day each year: I loathe DLS), we made a snap decision to add Thelma and Louise to the list. Four movies in one day…the world must be off its axis with a pandemic or something.

After seeing Brad on my telly ALL day, I feel better than yesterday. Today, I will do as little as possible again, and maybe tonight we might even rent Ad Astra (another that I’ve yet to see).

Hope you’re all going well.

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