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I wrangle with words today; it’s too hard: no perspicacity of thought and too much fidgeting. I can’t sit, can’t focus.

It’s a beautiful day. Clear blue skies and a very pleasant temperature. We’ve spent the morning in activity. First up, a visit to the park to exercise with Hubster and the kids. We’ve done this over the past week or so, but become more consistent this week, and the children have to come along. To make it seem more interesting, each day a different child plans the session but it usually always incorporates boxing and jogging (still Cliff Young shuffling for me, but it’s feeling less like my heart will explode! And two laps now!), plank holds, beep tests, tricep dips, push-ups, etc.

This morning, we headed out again to Coles and picked up the Easter presents for the kids from my parents: winter PJs, via Click & Collect, and then a few presents for Our Girl’s upcoming 10th birthday. How did my baby get to be almost 10?

Anyway, it’s just gone midday, Hubster’s put the dinner in the slow-cooker and it’s already smelling delicious. It’s a rambling post today, but I did kinda warn you at the start that I was not of sound mind. πŸ™‚

Happy Easter, folks!


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