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Words don’t come easy

Inspiration comes in many forms. Or none at all.

Today, for me, it’s the latter.

I’m supposed to be working, yet after only a week’s hiatus for the Easter break, I am coming up short on ideas, words, sources, everything. It seems there is an unauthorised ban on structured, coherent thoughts inside my brain.

My three cherubs are at home, although today is the first day of Term 2 here in Victoria, all learning is to be remote. To be honest, I’m surprised the NBN hasn’t shat itself. Certainly, one of the communication portals used by most (if not all) government schools has crashed.

As I write this sentence, the kidlets are all oddly quiet. Surely they’re not actively engaged in their own education? Perhaps they’ve left the home, snuck out the front door while I fixed myself a coffee. Perhaps I should investigate.

Or, more likely, I will soldier on and churn out some work, word warrior that I am. I will source words, beat them into submission and wrangle them into sentences to form an article (two or three!) that makes sense. But to do that, I’ve got to get off my personal blog, so I’ll bid you all farewell.

Have a great day!


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