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Tick Tock Tuesday #29

Reading Stroke Survivor UK‘s post and finding we’re both children of the 80s, I decided to join in.

A defining band for me growing up as a teen in the 80s was Duran Duran. Posters of Mr Le Bon—quite likely my first celebrity crush—were plastered all over my bedroom walls, a blank cassette always at the ready to record one of their songs during the Top 40 countdown. No Google back then, the only way to find lyrics was play, listen and pause, write down, rewind, repeat. If you misheard, you likely sung the wrong words for all time.

Hubster recently bought Duran Duran’s Greatest on iTunes, so I’m reliving those days a lot right now. Here’s one of my faves:

How good is the dancing? Enjoy!




7 thoughts on “Tick Tock Tuesday #29”

  1. Many thanks for the nod. I thought where Duran Duran really stood out was in the area of their music videos, and I bet they’ve made a bomb on the nostalgia circuit. A friend of mine was mates with Yasmin Le Bon, probably the closest I ever got to stardom 😆.

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