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Listicle of thoughts

I have a maundering brain today. Here’s a preview, with my deepest apologies:

  • Gloomy day. Grey clouds, persistent rain, but not terribly cold.
  • Going slightly crazy. Shut indoors. Home-schooled children who open the fridge and pantry with alarming regularity, looking for food. I guess they’re bored and going crazy too, but jayzuz!
  • Need to visit the hairdresser: grey roots on display, hair in need of a colour, highlights, trim and a de-bulking cut.
  • Yesterday, I shifted the car in my street. Driving felt so unnatural, for a brief moment I wondered if I could I still execute a perfect parallel park. The answer: of course!
  • Working from home, but creativity and fluid ideas have dried up. And when it starts to flow, it becomes rudely interrupted by above-mentioned children seeking food.
  • Want to go out. Wear nice clothes, greet friends with a hug and kiss. Share a meal, a bottle of wine, enjoy a night of laughs, and long catch-up chats.
  • Wondering when we’ll have restrictions lifted here in Victoria, and please God, can the children go back to school SOON.

I guess I’m feeling despondent today.

But Our Girl has left me with one of her Beanie Boos (Google it), called Owlette, to keep me company. Not a coyote, sorry, not even certain if such an animal is part of the collection. Anyhow, Owlette is sitting beside me, cheering and urging me on with her huge eyes, gold beak and talons, and soft grey polyester fur. She makes for a nice, quiet companion.




17 thoughts on “Listicle of thoughts”

    1. OMG!! I’m hopeful the kids can return to school in 2 weeks. Nothing has been stated yet here in Vic, but other states are opening schools so 🤞🤞 hope you and Mrs F can manage OK. End of May seems forever away 😳😳

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      1. Yes, I thought it was your summer break. Hang in there Fandango…many of us virtual friends are thinking of you and love following your prompts and connecting through your posts. It’s small, but something I guess 🙂

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  1. It was grey miserable and cold in Canberra today too. If we can confirm this deep suppression phase and keep SARS-CoV-2 out of Australia, we may be hugging and kissing friends soon but anyone from overseas may need to spend 2 weeks in a quarantine station like it was before federation.

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    1. I meant the friends who live nearby and family just over the border. I know so few who are overseas 😀
      I hope at least my kids can soon go back to school…this is getting frustrating 😱😱😱 How are you going, Gary? Thinking of you often ❤

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      1. I’m still working every day. It’s flat out. At least I’m still able to read a few blogs every day and I’m grateful to you Linda for helping with a short distraction every day.

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      2. Means a lot 🙏 I’m in a deep pit with writing at the moment. Feeling like i should just throw in the towel altogether and say, ‘well, interesting experiment. Gave it a red hot crack but that’s it now.’ Just come out of a monthly writer’s group where one member was particularly brutal in spite of me noting that my extract was unedited, pure and rough thoughts on a page, so that didn’t help! This blog and comments like yours are all that keeps me hooked in to writing right now.

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      3. I think it sucks when people assume honest criticism needs to be blunt. Writing expresses vulnerability and everyone should be kind with one another.
        I like your stories interspersed with real life tales of what is happening with netball and the twins.
        About a year ago I went and culled a lot of blogs I follow, I keep yours in my list because you keep my interest.

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