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FPQ #67

When the world is not shut down, ordinarily I write my blog post—based on two different daily word prompts—and then move onto my next task. Usually something related to my role as a netball coach to two separate squads.

However, the world is shut down and I find I have extra time on my hands. I recently discovered Fandango’s FPQ, so I figured I may as well join in, for as long as spare moments permit, anyway.

So, today’s provocative question as posed by Fandango, is ‘When it comes to your blog, what makes you tick?’

Good question, and indeed provocative.

For me, my blog is a place where, presently, I cling to writing. You see, I’m in a funk with my manuscripts. Although, the one I have finished I’m sending off for a professional appraisal and line edit, so I hope to soon feel embers of creativity sparking. But my second manuscript, I can’t face right now. All I see is characters I despise, plot holes and blank pages and I don’t know how to fix it. I know this is normal and every writer experiences similar moments.

Back to my blog, then. It’s a place where I write short, shitty stories and I feel like I’m a writer. It’s where I connect with friends from all around the globe who cheer me on, assure me that my stories are not complete shite. Honestly, I never knew there’d be people out there who were, and continue to be, interested in the musings of my mind. Those times when I publish a story that’s moving or thrilling, it hits the mark, or somehow it just works, makes me think my attempts to write are worthwhile. I guess I find it as a place that urges me and encourages me to not totally throw away my dream of being a ‘real’ writer. Whatever that is!

Not sure if my response has adequately answered the question, but it’s been fun to ruminate over!

14 thoughts on “FPQ #67”

  1. The stories are never shitty for me, true I like some more than others but hey not all of my photos are masterpieces either. It’s comment and encouragement that make me strive harder. I hope my comments are helpful for you. Maybe it’s my short attention span is why I enjoy reading short stories…..look…..there’s a butterfly in the garden……sorry must run ❤ ❤

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  2. Your stories are not at all shitty. I really enjoy your slice-of-life vignettes. You have a vivid imagination and a way of telling your tales in such a way that really dreamed in the reader…or at least this reader. I’m delighted that you choose to respond to my daily one-word prompts. Your stories are entertaining.

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  3. In normal times, there are 3 or 4 prompts I try always to respond to, and this is one of them. It was also how I first encountered Fandango.
    I tend not to get involved in creative writing, but I have noticed that every writer thinks their work is shit. Just from all the stuff I have read, some of it is not. I’ve only read a few of your pieces, but I’d be willing to bet that at least some of the time, people don’t think your writing is shitty either – they follow you at the very least so there must be something there!

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  4. Hi Linda, the stories you write are never shite. I like the diversity and range you have. I like how you might edge a bit to the erotic or to some outlandish violence. Not to mention the occasional science fiction. Keep it up. You have people here who love you.

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