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Homecoming Party

'Welcome home!' A chorus of voices chant as I walk into the room. 'Wow, guys!' I glance around the room. Roughly forty people are crammed into my tiny living room, raising glasses of champagne. Someone hands me a glass of my own. A homecoming surprise party is the last thing I want right now. But… Continue reading Homecoming Party

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What a foolish notion, I think. Harry has just asked if I'd ever taken mind-altering drugs. 'No!' My response is emphatic. His eyebrow arches, ever so slightly. He doesn't believe me. Harry's lips curl into a smile, and he continues, 'Once,' he says. 'I was so out of it, I looked up into the sun… Continue reading Confession


FPQ #71

Today's provocative question from Fandango points to a contentious issue. 'How old are you?' Fandango enquires. I've never really understood the reasoning behind not revealing your age. Growing up, my most beloved aunt pretended to be 29 for many years. It was a joke, of course. All of us within her family (she never married… Continue reading FPQ #71

Family, Fiction, Health and wellbeing, Melbourne, Parenting, Relationship and marriage, Writing

The unravelling of Arabella

'Get dressed,' Arabella yells to her family. 'We've got to be out of here in ten minutes. No dilly dallying!' Footsteps thump from the kitchen to the bedrooms as Arabella's two teens follow her instructions. She smiles to herself; it's just the way she likes it. She hums to herself while she tidies the kitchen,… Continue reading The unravelling of Arabella