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Nicki’s creation

Nicki stumbled on her way to the canvas. Her pallette crashed onto the floor.


She did nothing but watch as the black paint meshed into the white. She crouched down onto her knees, slid forward so that she lay on her side, with her hand supporting her head.

The mess she’d created by dropping her oils had caused an abstract display of monochrome beauty. As she stared, forms shaped and moved before her eyes. Elephant, Jesus, and was that? Yes…Rob Lowe! Fascinating. Painting—or even simply dropping the pallette—always made for an engrossing experiment. You just never knew where it could take you.

Nicki grabbed her phone from the bench.

‘Chrissy,’ she said when her friend answered the phone. ‘I got something for you. Can you come right away?’

‘Uh, yeah,’ Chrissy replied. ‘I can be there in five minutes.’

‘Make it two!’

Nicki hung up. Focussed her eyes on the puddle before her. Willing it to stay the same until Chrissy arrived.

Minutes passed. Nicki heard her name being called at the front of her house.

‘I’m in the studio! Come on back!’ Nicki yelled.

Chrissy burst through the door. ‘What is it?’

‘Look,’ Nicki said, pointing to the mess on the cement floor. ‘It’s Rob Lowe.’

Chrissy stared, dumbstruck. She glanced from the floor to Nicki, and back again. She narrowed her eyes. ‘I got nothing babe. Nothing but a mess you’re going to have to clean up.’

‘Can’t you see him in there. I thought you of all people would see Rob Lowe in there!’ Nicki giggled.

‘Christ, you’re mental. Let’s grab a coffee before I have to go back to work.’

‘Nah, can’t. I gotta finish this painting for a client by the end of the week. As you can see, I just started and it’s not going well.’

‘Alright, then. You start fixing this mess, and I’ll pop to the cafe for takeaways. Bring one back for you. OK?’

Nicki nodded. ‘Thanks.’


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