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A visit to the clinic

Yesterday, I visited my doctor.

No, not for COVID-19 symptoms.

I spoke briefly with the receptionist, about nothing in particular. Just the usual coronaspeak, really. Boring, shan’t sport with your intelligence by spelling it out here. But, as I am someone who loves to chat—with anyone—the fact that I was faced with a captive audience who is not a member of my immediate family thrilled me more than I feel comfortable admitting.

I took my seat in the waiting area. Following the guidelines of social distancing of course. It didn’t matter too much; there was only one other patient with me.

My doctor came out immediately. And if that wasn’t astonishing enough, she was dressed in surgical scrubs and a mask! I understood why, but for that split second, my mind went mental: what sort of appointment had I booked? We laughed about it; she bemoaned not being able to wear normal clothes, sip her tea and water without the need to first unmask. I noted that a visit to the doctor was an outing for me, one that gave me an opportunity to once again wear a proper bra, my watch, wedding rings and earrings, and apply makeup. I felt so normal.

Forty-five minutes later I left her rooms, armed with the additional extras. I apologised for talking her ear off, but she graciously smiled and mentioned how it’s a big part of her job. I guess she’s right: how much of a critical nature is divulged to a doctor in the thoughtless, throw-away chatter from patients.

At reception again, as I paid for the doctor’s time, I noticed she only charged me for a standard consult, too. Nice of her. Not that I would’ve gone on a rage, as I took more than her allocated time for a long consult. But one glance around the empty waiting area, I understood: it’s not as if she’s pushed for time, racing to get through the day’s appointments. Who knows when her next patient was coming, if at all.

Anyway, I think the whole world is over this shutdown. Everyone wants to get back to normal, despite also wanting to ensure by doing so we don’t bring on another spike in the virus. It’s a difficult balance. And I for one, am glad that I am not the one responsible for making such decisions. 

Enjoy your day!


6 thoughts on “A visit to the clinic”

  1. We really are in a weird place. Being able to go out and interact with someone new is a great feeling. I’m fortunate I’m still working and attending work and mixing with people in a safe physically distant manner.

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    1. True. I spoke with my friend on the phone this afternoon and the feeling of wanting to go out is uttered by everyone. But Vic has had a recent spike in cases thanks to the abattoir situation so I don’t think we’re going anywhere soon here!

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