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Sometimes, change is good.

On Thursday, we took delivery of a new bed frame. For the past twenty years, our old bed frame served us well. But I wanted a fresh, contemporary look, so in April when shutdown seemed its bleakest and just about everything was on sale to encourage individuals to spend money, I bought a new frame online. Our next spend will be a new mattress (probably a higher priority than the frame, but hey, the latter costs less money).

Hubster, fab man that he is, spent the greater part of Thursday afternoon assembling our new bed. The kids have all commented that it looks like a ‘hotel bed’ and Hubster and I are impressed. It looks posh, like we’re stylish and wealthy – if you look only at the bed, not the house or other furniture πŸ™‚ – but both Hubster and I have mentioned in passing that this new frame will not last twenty years like our old one. Still, this is a good change. I feel comfortable and content.

However, this new WP block editor has me angry. It’s not a good change. It took me hours to complete my post yesterday, and in the final moments of frustration of trying to find the ‘Sharing’ tab, I gave up, prepared to go into my LI account and delete the post from that medium. In the end, after pressing ‘Publish’ it revealed itself to me, but why have the sharing tab after the publish tab? Doesn’t make sense to me. My hashtags aren’t saved anymore: I have to type each one. Right now, I can’t find symbols…I’m an avid user of the em dash and I can’t find my little friend anywhere. You’ll see above I had to settle for using the hyphen, which grates the editor within as I’m using a hyphen in the wrong context. And, I loathe this stupid block box thingo that follows me along the page. I want to tell it to fuck off.

I know I’ll get used to it. I know humans resist change. We like to feel comfortable; it somehow makes us feel as though we’re in charge of our little world. When something reminds us of our lack of control we resist against it. I know this, as you do, too. So I will stop whining eventually. Just needed to rant today.

Have a good day, bloggers.

Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes”

  1. I love the β€” and the – when used appropriately according to the Australian Government style manual. I hope the bed is comfortable for a long long time.

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    1. The bed will be much more comfortable when we buy a new mattress. It really is the priority, but at more than triple the price of the frame, I thought it best to wait a bit. But it looks good, so am happy πŸ™‚ I love the Style Manual – it’s my go-to guide when I’m doing freelance work.

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  2. You’ll get there. I’ve never used anything except the block editor and I’m quite happy with it. I need to do one or two things in the paragraph’s raw HTML, but mostly I can be productive.

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      1. You don’t? HTML is the raw code that the WordPress server sends to your browser, which then makes sense of it and displays the page that you see. The Block editor allows you to fine-tune it so your post looks exactly how you want it.

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  3. We will get there Linda….. I mean the editor not the bed frame. So glad your man has handyman skills. I was thinking of doing a post on my tablet as I am at my besties place but don’t want to have a tantrum 😁

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  4. I looked long and hard for the Categories and Tags that once appeared automatically in the right hand bar. As with your sharing, sometimes they’d pop up — but from where? Finally, finally I discovered you have to hit the Settings Cog in the top right bar, and then you get the choice up top of “Document” or “Block” and if you click Document, there come the C’s & T’s. ah! All is not lost.

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