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What a foolish notion, I think.

Harry has just asked if I’d ever taken mind-altering drugs.

‘No!’ My response is emphatic.

His eyebrow arches, ever so slightly. He doesn’t believe me. Harry’s lips curl into a smile, and he continues, ‘Once,’ he says. ‘I was so out of it, I looked up into the sun and everything was spinning. The sun was like a circle in a spiral.’

‘You’re making that up.’

‘No I’m not.’

‘Yes, you are. Those are lyrics to a Dusty Springfield song.’

I love that guy, but he’s not what you’d call an original thinker.

Photo by Reid Zura on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “Confession”

    1. Your prompt made my brain hurt this morning 🙂 I was all over the place, trying to think of a way to write those six words into a post. But I got there in the end 🙂 Thanks for a brain-twisting goodie!

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