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Going door to door

The garden is filled with rich colours; the scent of flowers greets me as I walk through the gate. Following the path to the verandah, I glance around me. The roses are in bloom. I strike the knocker and wait, peeking behind me again to take in the beauty of the garden. The door opens.… Continue reading Going door to door


Tick Tock Tuesday #33 (26th May 2020)

As I write, I am listening to another song from the 80s that helped to form the person I am today. As a young girl, ensconced in organised religion, I grew up in a sheltered environment. It wasn't all bad. I felt known and loved within the church community (the point of it after all),… Continue reading Tick Tock Tuesday #33 (26th May 2020)

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Charlie’s team

'Taking a shortcut through life's challenges will only lead to reality turning to gossamer.' This was her mother's favourite idiom. Each time Charlie came home with a less than satisfactory report card, her mother would chant that sentence. At 8, Charlie didn't even know what it meant. Yet, it was embedded in her psyche. It… Continue reading Charlie’s team

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The interview

'Journalist,' I say, jutting my chin high. 'Can I get through please?' The crowd has swelled from the city building into the street. Minutes earlier, I had pushed my way to the front, only to bump into the chest of this mountain man. The badge weaved into his shirt reads KEEP SAFE SECURITY. He looks… Continue reading The interview

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Slumped at her dining table while her two children, Betty who's 4 and Harold, 2, have a day nap, Melissa silently sobs. Coloured paper covers the table, the scissors lie beside her arm and a slip of paper waves at her from the the tip of glue stick. It's almost taunting her, reminding her of… Continue reading Reality