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Tick Tock Tuesday #36 (16th June 2020)

There’s so much good music around. It shapes us, has the capacity to transport us to our histories, our past loves and can move us to experience the gamut of emotions.

This week, I’m staying in the 90s. It’s a song that immediately takes me back to that time. I was indeed working in a job that was slowly killing me, trying to take away all the individuality within me and shape me into something I was not. It took me a while to see that I was better than this life I had stuffed myself into, and walking away was no small feat. I look back now and, although there are a few bruises that won’t heal, I’m proud of my strength to turn my back on that life and move into a future of my own creating.

Here’s No Surprises by Radiohead.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “Tick Tock Tuesday #36 (16th June 2020)”

  1. I have some of their stuff, but I don’t recognise this one – it’s very soothing. I was writing my final post for this theme the other day and it is literally something like 80% of my “significants” are contemporary music, with only a smattering of tv or film or classical. This stuff does indeed define us,


  2. I love this song 🙂 thanks for sharing Linda. The world turns and what goes to the other side should drop off so when the world returns you don’t have any bruises or scars. Be the woman you are without the memories of what is now insignificant. Yes I have had two glasses of wine 🙂

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