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We kiss. Gently.

I hold onto his hand and feel a tear glide down my cheek.

As our lips part, his gaze holds my own. His eyes are glistening with emotion; sadness and regret mix with the chocolate brown of his irises.

‘I’m sorry,’ he whispers.

‘Me too.’

I slip my hand from his and back away. I walk slowly to my car. The bleep of the doors unlocking shatters the silence and intrudes on the moment. Before I take my place in the driver’s seat, I draw breath, wondering if we’re making a mistake.

‘It’s the right thing to do,’ he calls from where he’s standing. Watching me, knowing me.

I nod. Take my seat behind the wheel, crank the ignition and drive off. As I pull away, I glance in the rear view mirror.

He’s gone.

Photo by Zou Meng on Unsplash

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