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A Morning Chat

Before rising this morning, Our Girl came to Hubster’s and my bed for a cuddle and chat, along with Duckie, her toy duck.

Apparently, Duckie and Our Girl had a falling out before bed last night. Our Girl relegated Duckie back to the bookshelf, and instead took her old faithful Bunny to bed. Duckie was overcome with jealousy, watching her sleeping buddy cuddle and sleep with another toy, and as Our Girl slept, attacked Bunny during the night.

I’m sure you can imagine, there were quite a bit of negative behaviours to sort through.

Using my best Cartman voice, I took on the role of Duckie and Our Girl used a voice to manifest the spirit of Bunny. Duckie apologised for lashing out, noting that she felt hurt by Our Girl’s rejection, and by hurting Bunny, she thought she’d feel better. Duckie said it didn’t work, her hurt only increased. Bunny accepted her apology and the good news is it’s all sorted. Duckie and Bunny and Our Girl are all best friends again.

As for me, I’m almost mature, but not quite. 🙂

Image: Well-loved Bunny. New knitted body transplant courtesy of Grandma. Not sure how we fix the face and ears though.

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