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Looks like we Victorians are set to be cloistered in our homes for some time longer.

Easing of restrictions planned for later today will be postponed due to a growing number of COVID cases each day. This is rather annoying, for a couple of reasons.

  • My mum lives in Adelaide and turns 80 tomorrow. Yesterday, the family got together in a pub for lunch to celebrate Mum’s birthday. Everyone was there except for me (and let’s be honest, I’m the best of her three children 🙂 ) I couldn’t attend because SA’s borders are still closed to Vic and NSW, but open to every other state and territory. I video-called over WhatsApp, but Mum couldn’t really hear me because the pub was too noisy…and she’s 80!
  • I don’t want T1’s soccer practice to be cancelled. We’re just back into it and looking like matches can start next month. Fingers crossed this isn’t changed. Also, netball was due to commence next month too.

But engaging in pensive thought, what else can be done but suck it up! So I shall close the front door and stay home. Again. Still.

Photo by Elisa Schmidt on Unsplash

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