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Sasha’s Morning

Ripples of contentment quiver through Sasha’s body.

She stretches in her bed, feels the tingle in her toes right up to the top of her head. Life is good. She leaps out from under the covers and walks into the kitchen. Gerry’s already there, preparing breakfast for the two of them.

‘Morning,’ he says, pecking her cheek.

‘Morning, darl.’

‘You ready for this morning?’

‘Crap!’ Sasha had forgotten. The dreaded vis-a-vis with her mother.

‘You’ll be alright? Or do you need me to come along?’ Gerry asks.

‘Nah, I’ll manage. Thanks though.’ She rubs his arm. Thoughts of the planned discussion with her mum crowd her mind. She knows already that Mum will resist. Sasha’s siblings are no help; they’ve left it to her, conveniently stating that is the role of the Power of Attorney after all.

‘Well, call if you change your mind.’

‘Thanks darl,’ Sasha responds. All the happiness and joy she felt on waking has shattered, instead she’s left with dread and concern. She looks at the breakfast Gerry prepared. Bile rises in her throat; she tips it into the bin.

Photo by Dani Rendina on Unsplash

21 thoughts on “Sasha’s Morning”

    1. Hubster and I asked my parents once if they’d consider moving here to Melbourne and eventually into a nursing home here. Their reaction was akin to if they’d been asked murder each other, then eat the remains. Honestly!

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      1. Mine are 86 and 82, live in a tiny village with no shop, still driving a car each, Dad can’t feel his limbs, mum can’t hear. But they never see the grandkids because they live far away. It’s sad because my kids will only remember them as old people who give them biscuits

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      2. They moved in over 30 years ago, and it was their dream home. I suppose it still is? The garden is stunning and peaceful and had a barn in which we could convert to live in. But even that idea has been poo poohed. I may write about it later.

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    1. Yes, that’s what this writer was thinking. Had to hurry to post it though, as I’m supposed to be working today. Honestly, the longer this working from home shamozzle goes on, the less productive I become. But guilt! My god, the guilt!

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  1. Thanks for joining in the prompt. And I understand the dilemma. Elderly parents don’t take kindly to suggestions that they aren’t managing okay on their own. A neighbour told me that her husband and his brothers had to physically carry their mother out of her home. There was no need and she was not going no-how!

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