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Tick Tock Tuesday #37 (23rd June 2020)

This week, I’m edging out of the 90s and into the noughties. I’ve selected a song Hubster and I used during our wedding.

This song was his choice and it played as we signed the paperwork in front of our guests. We then were pronounced Husband and Wife and we entered the world together.

Many of the binaries highlighted in the lyrics sum me up pretty perfectly, as I guess they do for so many women: beauty/beast, famine/feast, etc. As most readers would be aware, marriage is never easy. Hubster and I have times when our life together has been endured under dark clouds; we’ve equally had many moments basking in the sunshine. The point? I wouldn’t want to do this thing with anyone else (except Brad Pitt, but he knows that 🙂 Here’s to many more upsie/downsie times with my bloke, the Hubster.

She, by Charles Aznavour (from the Notting Hill soundtrack). Enjoy!

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “Tick Tock Tuesday #37 (23rd June 2020)”

  1. Oh, god, you had me thinking about what they played at our wedding. I know it was one neither of us chose, it was just the default music. Think it was Three Times a Lady. I couldn’t help thinking of the poor old registrar who probably had to listen to this 20 times a day!

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  2. “She may be the beauty or the beast”
    “She many not be as she seems”
    “She may come to me from the shadows of the past”
    “I’ll take her laughter and her tears and make them all my souvenirs”
    Enjoy your “upsie/downsie times”

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