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The mess in Victoria

Ordinarily, I refrain from writing about politics on my blog, but I’m extremely cranky regarding Chairman Dan of the People’s Republic of Victoria.

If you look up, you might see a fire in the sky. It’s likely a series of flares, released into the sky by individuals trapped here. We’re asking for help from every corner of the nation because, clearly, we can’t afford to let Chairman Dan cock this up any longer.

Yesterday, after weeks of deliberately ignoring offers of help from the ADF and other state’s police and emergency workers, Chairman Dan called that help in. Victorians collectively sighed with relief. The Minister of Defence, Linda Reynolds, spoke on radio, eloquently and diplomatically, glad to deploy over 800 defence workers to help with the clusterfuck of COVID testing and other operations here. But this morning, we wake to read that Chairman Dan has back-flipped on that request for help, with the defence workers seemingly screeching to a halt mid-air and turning their aircraft back to base.

What a complete mess created by Dan Andrews. Not only is he cocking up the state with disorganised processes in quarantine measures in hotels and drive-through testing sites and not enough test kits and failure to effectively address those who speak languages other than English, but he’s risking the entire nation. And his pigheadedness, an over-reliance on unions and so-called ‘woke’ fucktards are leaving us all trembling with anger, fear, and helplessness.

So if you’re reading this, look up into the sky. See the fire, respond to our call. We need you!

Photo by Tonik on Unsplash

11 thoughts on “The mess in Victoria”

    1. We are safe, thanks Gary. And like you, I choose not to comment on politics in any state, territory or country even. But this situation is extraordinary and shows such incompetent pigheadedness in Vic’s political leader that I couldn’t stop my fingers from flying over the keyboard with barely concealed contempt and rage. It’s weird because when all this began in March, Chairman Dan did a pretty good job and handled it quite well. And yet, now…???

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    1. Every day a new scandal, did you see the beaches in Bournemouth England yesterday?! Overrun with people wanting to dip top up their tan and undo all the good work done by the public (not politics) trying to contain the virus thus far. The government has essentially left it up to us, we’re doomed

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  1. Oh dear, I was hoping for a wonderful read from my prompt. Sorry it bought up that clusterfuck where you live Linda. My bubble in the bush is the best place to be it seems, Stand fast and buy more toilet paper 😀

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    1. Haha! I only follow two prompts and both seemed so suited to commenting on what I normally consider dangerous territory 😀 Can’t buy more toilet paper as it’s always missing from the shelves again!! Crazy, crazy times 😱😱😱

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  2. There was a “funny” here right back at the start of all this, the UK government ignored invitations to pool resources with the EU, o things like PPE, ventilators, test kits etc. The reason was because of Brexit, and the zealots wanted nothing to do with the EU. That decision will undoubtedly have cost lives, but of course, the exact number is hidden away amongst all the other numbers.

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