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This morning

I woke this morning all snugly and warm under my doona. I slipped from under the covers and was met with a wall of gelid air.

As I rushed straight to the heater to flick it on, Our Girl sneaked into my side of the bed. I jumped back in, happy for a warm cuddle with her and Duckie while the heater did its work to heat up the home zone.

Now up and dressed, ready for a day of writing web copy for a client, along with a visit from a friend as well as the usual trip to Coles for dinner requisites. T2 is on the X-Box, T1 watching YouTube—you know, the gamer videos, starring an alarming number of young men missing their frontal lobes, yet somehow achieve many thousands of followers and make a decent living through advertising and sponsorship deals. Our Girl is on her laptop, likely watching YouTube as well. School hols done poorly in this home.

Have a good day bloggers!

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

16 thoughts on “This morning”

  1. I am sure the kids are looking forward to going shopping in the afternoon. Good luck with getting work done in peace amid the cries of Mum I’m hungry, Mum where (insert whatever) Mum she/he is looking at me throw in a pet or two and Linda is happy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh you’re too funny! I’ll likely be going shopping on my own, too. Coles is at the end of my street, only 15metres away (I’m guessing…hopeless at estimating distances) and no child ever wants to come with.

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      1. What….no child company while shopping!!! They don’t now the excitement of shopping trolleys the discovery of tyhe many varied foods on display and being able to sneak lollies and junk food into the trolley which is only found out at the check out where the maximum temper tantrum can embarrass a frazzled parent. I’m off to walk 15 meters to the bathroom πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


      1. Yes you are wonderful Linda πŸ™‚ Now let me know if
        1. he flaunts his shopping prize in front of the others
        2. he may wish to go shopping again
        3. is it more than 15 meters

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      2. Just a tad. Can’t rely on google maps to get to my place. They take you around sixteen kilometers in the wrong direction to a locked gate of a large cattle property. When you visit I’ll give you directions πŸ™‚

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