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In Melbourne Today

Not walking in the clouds of utopia around here anymore.

Today is the first day of mandatory mask-wearing when outside the home. And is if that’s not enough to raise anxiety in the community, we also received word today that a student at Our Girl’s primary school has tested positive for COVID. The good thing is, though, that the student was never onsite with symptoms, showing at least that the extension of holidays by one week, and the re-introduction of remote learning are both positive and necessary.

So, you might be surprised to read this post; one where I’m trying not be cynical about Victoria’s government’s capacity to halt, or at least slow down, this raging virus. A post where I’m repeating the phrase in the image attached, almost like I’m keening.

How are you all faring in your corner of the world?

Image created by Ayşegül Altınel. Submitted for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives – help stop the spread of COVID-19.

16 thoughts on “In Melbourne Today”

      1. See to me, this article further demonstrates Dan’s continued finger pointing at us and not recognising his own government’s role in this outbreak. Yes, we’re fatigued, but we’re tired of the hypocrisy from Dan. From where I sit the vast majority are abiding by these restrictions despite the fatigue and grumbling. Mostly we’re all trying to remain upbeat. I was at the dr with my son today…everyone wore masks, hand sanitiser, etc. Saw heaps of people exercising, in groups no more than two, wearing masks. Just walked down to the chemist, again everyone wearing masks and doing the right thing. I’m wondering where these journos sourced their facts.


    1. Yeah, read that too. Our state has surpassed NSW now with the most cases since the pandemic began. NSW was initially ‘the bad guy’ due to the Ruby Princess saga, but Victoria’s problems move way beyond that now. We’ve got the hotel debacle, the abattoirs outbreaks, plus the LOTE communities (who mostly live in the safe seats of the political party in govt). Still much less than what you’re facing in California and US more broadly, but then again, our population is smaller too.

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