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Aches and Pains

My posture has never been fabulous. I've always subtly rounded off my shoulders, which I guess if anyone has the slightest knowledge in psychology would say it probably has something to do with hiding, not projecting myself forward to others. (Good chance that's right. Despite being an extrovert, I usually have to feel very comfortable… Continue reading Aches and Pains

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Ride to Somewhere Pt 2

To read Ride to Somewhere Pt 1, click here. I stopped cycling to check the message again. Pkg to Tim @ 106 Clansman Ave Madley Heights. 2PM. Wait 4 inst abt nxt pjt. The man who'd approached me at the pond asked me to memorise the message then destroy the phone, but I never intended… Continue reading Ride to Somewhere Pt 2

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Kicked Out

'It's the lies! I can't take it anymore!' Mum's face is bright red. Spit flies out of her mouth. She's breathless, panting as though she's run five kms. Geez, looks like I've really done it this time. 'After you clean up your room, you can get out.' 'What do you mean? 'Exactly as it sounds,… Continue reading Kicked Out

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It's nice to make a connection, isn't it. I mean the type you make with people. The trusted connection with old friends. The new tentative ones with people in real life, or new followers on social media. Earlier this week, I received a follow request on my LinkedIn account. I didn't know the person, but… Continue reading Connection

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A few days off

Cheryl Colleridge is a foreboding woman. She sits behind her desk, fielding interruptions from staff, the phone, and the damn ping of constant emails, begrudging the time these pesky irritations take from her actual work. The stuff that got her to the top of the game. Right now, she's watching Missy Miller, a newly employed… Continue reading A few days off