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At the lake

It’s getting close to midnight. I wonder if I should return home but the warm air wraps itself around me and I decide to stay.

It’s beautiful here by the lake. The moon’s reflection shimmers in the dim light; the stars twinkle reminding me of the old nursery rhyme Mum used to sing. Tears spill down my cheeks as I think of Mum, gone for five years. What I would do to be able to talk through matters with her right now.

My thoughts ramble. I close my eyes.

The trill of my phone startles me. The sky is now a pinkish hue. The clock glares the time: 5:57AM.

I swipe up. ‘Hello?’

‘Jen, where are you?’

‘Sorry, I’m by the lake. I fell asleep.’

‘Are you OK? Shall I come get you?’

‘Nah,’ I say, standing up. I grab my backpack and throw it on. ‘I’m coming now.’

I make my way home, rehearsing my speech with each step. I feel Mum’s presence, cheering and strengthening. I can almost hear her voice, assuring me I’m doing the right thing.

She’s not right for you. You deserve better.

‘You’re right Mum,’ I say out loud. ‘I’m going to break up with her as soon as I’m home.’

And this time I mean it.

Photo by guille pozzi on Unsplash

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