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It’s nice to make a connection, isn’t it. I mean the type you make with people. The trusted connection with old friends. The new tentative ones with people in real life, or new followers on social media.

Earlier this week, I received a follow request on my LinkedIn account. I didn’t know the person, but with LI, I have previously accepted requests from other people whom I don’t know. In the off-chance that it will lead to new channels of work, I guess (never has, though). Anyhow, my finger hovered over the accept button as my brain dallied over the decision. I pressed Accept.

What followed was a barrage of, although annoying, fairly innocuous private messages: how are you? Thanks for the connection. What do you do? I responded politely to each of them. After about five or so minutes of these messages, I stopped replying and heard nothing again until the next day.

Here it comes…

The hard-sell, sales pitch message. ‘Linda,’ the message began. ‘You’ve surely heard of [insert brand/product of your choice] and its benefits?’

Yes, I’ve heard of it. Sorry, no. Keep your bullshit to yourself, please.

Immediately, I deleted the messages and her as a contact. I guess some people on LI are turned on by that kind of contact, but not me. No thank you very much.

I’m a bit of a nerd, I think. Or maybe I’m just old. But I don’t like aggressive salesy messages from people trying to sell me shit that I don’t need or want. So, I guess this is just a reminder to me, and you if perhaps you need such a reminder at all, that not every connection we make is going to be a positive one.

Here on WP, however, I have found a wonderful, warm and encouraging group of friends, and I’m ever so glad, each day, to reach out to you wherever you are in the world. I love reading the comments you make on my site, as well as your posts on your own sites, particularly over these months when we’ve all been hit by this bloody virus. The positive vibes I receive from our communication charge like a form of electricity and help me to realise that there’s a lot of good in the (online) world.

Enjoy your day, bloggers!

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

22 thoughts on “Connection”

  1. I dislike the sales crap that LI spawns. I don’t use any more as I never had anything good come of it but then again I don’t want to work any more so I should delete it but am too lazy 😀 😀
    I love the WP connection and am so glad I found you as I enjoy reading your stories and our connection of writer and “fanboy” lol

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  2. I can honestly say it was nice connecting with you, Linda

    I agree I disconnect those cold callers like a rocket! They;re so annoying. If I want something I’ll connect to them not the other way around.

    Great post!

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  3. As soon as I retired, I closed my LinkedIn account. And I’m not on Twitter. I have a Facebook account but only so I can keep up with my kids. I never post on it. On WordPress, I do get a lot of spam, but I just do a bulk delete. So no biggie.

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  4. Yeah, especially LinkedIn, that’s a business networking site. I keep my cv on there but have refused requests from even family members on there. Other platforms are a bit different, but I do like to shove everything into different compartments, business and social, and to keep it all separate.

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    1. I’ve actually had a full-on ‘how about it’ via LinkedIn’s private messager, including a topless photo of the bloke, reclining on his bed. I was like WTF? Showed hubby and deleted message and chesty bloke as contact!!

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  5. I’m tempted to delete LinkedIn but there are some friends on there. I just accept anyone who wants to connect because I can’t take it seriously. I just ignore all the messages.

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