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The Tax Return

'Hettie, I just received my tax refund!' I'd just checked my bank account via the app on my phone. I expected to find it abysmally low on available funds. Like $20, maybe $35. I was jubilant to see that my refund had been deposited overnight. We had enough to pay the month's rent and stock… Continue reading The Tax Return

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Looks like Melbourne's putting on a beautiful day. From where I sit, looking over the milk froth in my coffee, I see the patterns of light and shade created by the movement of trees and a clear blue sky. Gorgeous. I do have to venture out today, too. I'm taking Our Girl and T2 to… Continue reading Outside

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The new leadership

'It seems you're unperturbed by all this,' Miriam says to Janie. They're the only two seated at a round table for six. A coffee plunger is in the middle, along with a plate of Kingston biscuits. Janie's favourites. She sips her coffee and reaches for a bikkie while pondering Miriam's...would she call it an accusation?… Continue reading The new leadership

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Country Property

In the darkness, problems always seem worse. Harder to sort through, or at least that's what Mia thinks. She's on the verandah in her love seat. Glimpses up at the starless sky; it's an inky black canopy that blankets the countryside. Cloud cover hides even the moonlight. Mia's lived here for thirteen years and knows… Continue reading Country Property

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Yesterday, Chairman Dan had his turn at the judicial inquiry, and threw his ministers under the bus to save his own skin. What a guy. Tempted though I may be to harp on about this, I can't. Too depressed, too angry, too flabbergasted at how this utter bastard still has supporters among the Victorian community.… Continue reading Bleak