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The holidays

School holidays here in Melbourne for the next two weeks. Not that much will change in people’s daily lives, given the inexorable lockdown measures.

Hubster and I have just laid down some ground rules regarding device usage over these next two weeks. T1 and T2 mistakenly assumed they would be sitting in their room, curtains drawn so it resembles a cave, scrolling through hours of moronic content on YouTube or playing on the X-box (while taking an equal share in time, of course). However, we have told them how wrong their assumption actually is, and that we’ll be taking outdoor time each day to run them through parks, as though they are unleashed dogs. Our Girl, also erroneously thought she’d be in online social heaven for each day over the hols but yeah, nah. Sorry.

Like most parents, we’re growing in concern for our children, given the amount of screen time kids have been exposed to throughout this year. It’s hard, because it’s the only way they stay in touch with friends, and the way they receive their education, yet all research points to device-usage being so bad for their mental health. We simply have to force a break. An exit strategy, at least for fewer hours each day. Right?

The plan is for T1 and T2, who have phones, to contact friends from their old primary school and meet up in the park. That way, they’re not going outside the 5km boundary and they get to physically see their friends. For Our Girl, who doesn’t have a phone, I can make contact with parents and plan to meet together in the park so the kids can play while we chat, albeit two metres apart.

Of course, all this activity gets squeezed in between my work commitments. But we’ll get through it. Coz we kinda have to!

Photo by Michal Ico on Unsplash


6 thoughts on “The holidays”

  1. Great plan Linda. Of course the kids will be all over this with like wow Mum, what a fab idea, so like looking forward to being outside and getting like fresh air and sunlight. It’s going to be 31C here today so I am inside curtains draw in the dark on my computer all day lol
    No I’m not I have too much stuff to do outside. πŸ™‚

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