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It’s spring in Melbourne. Such a gorgeous time of year. My tree-lined street is filled with buds and blossom; the air warms and everybody bustles about, keen to crawl out from hibernation.

Well, not this year. It’s still spring—the government hasn’t been able to alter the seasons—but we are all withheld from our usual happy activities.

Hubster reminds me, not ten minutes ago, that if this were an ordinary year, it would the AFL Grand Final on Saturday, and we’d have the slightly-extraneous-but-I’m-pleased-to-take-it public holiday tomorrow to celebrate the Grand Final Parade through Melbourne’s glorious, packed streets.

Instead, the CBD’s streets are empty, everything is closed or cancelled, and we’re just enduring another interminable weekend of going nowhere, doing nothing. Except perhaps an outing to somewhere within 5kms of our homes.

Reading or watching the news makes me feel helpless and sad. I’m sick of hearing about this bloody virus. Totally over the quasi-religious ritual where an account of the daily number of cases is solemnly read out.

The judiciary inquiry into Melbourne’s hotel quarantine fuck up makes me feel even more depressed. I only glimpsed a headline in today’s online version of the paper and I couldn’t summon the inner strength to read it. The bald-faced lies, the dodging of responsibility and knowledge beggars belief. Call me a cynic, but I highly doubt this inquiry is going to come up with any real answers. And isn’t that the point? Certainly is, according to Yes Minister.

While all this is going on, young people especially are suffering. Mental health issues are skyrocketing. Help is difficult to access, wait-lists of more than six weeks to see a psychologist with specialty in adolescent health. A 14-year-old boy went for a fifteen minute walk on Tuesday; his body was found today. No suspicious circumstances.

Just shit circumstances.

A lengthy, draconian lock down that everyone’s barely coping through, all because the premier has his eye on his end game. The state election in two years’ time, almost exactly. All this, so he can say he led us through the pandemic, avoiding the truth that his government is entirely to blame for this situation we’re currently in.

I pray for a collective long memory among Victorian constituents.

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

14 thoughts on “Spring?”

      1. Don’t listen to politics, don’t listen or read Murdoch press Ignore the news altogether. Have the usual “Grand Final special” with the Hubster on the weekend and arrange your own “parade”……after the kids have gone to bed that is πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  1. My Fads booked in for a twice delayed Hernia op in Mid October. It’s an overnighter and was going to see Mum and take her out for dinner, BUT that means isolating for 2 weeks prior to seeing her just in case I give it to her and more importantly Dad recovering from an op. I may hibernate

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