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Yesterday, Chairman Dan had his turn at the judicial inquiry, and threw his ministers under the bus to save his own skin.

What a guy.

Tempted though I may be to harp on about this, I can’t. Too depressed, too angry, too flabbergasted at how this utter bastard still has supporters among the Victorian community.

Anyway, I’ll shake away my inner rage and try to write something innocuous. I’ll try to elucidate my thoughts on other matters.

The house needs cleaning but it shall have to wait unless Hubster takes up the Mr Sheen and Dyson (not partner bashing, as he generally does the housework) as I have another weekend full of freelance work.

The kids are spending way too much of their holidays on their devices. Those ‘lawful’ outings I mentioned earlier this week? Nup. Too cold, pissing rain, Hubster’s been busy with his own stuff, I’ve been busy with my permanent part-time role as well as the contract stuff, plus I absolutely loathe wearing a mask so I’ll make up any excuse to avoid going out. However, the kids consuming god-knows-what for hours on end does usher in an eerie stillness over the house. Good for work/writing I guess, but so bad for their mental health and parent guilt.

Speaking of parent guilt and mental health, I have an inkling these will only increase over the next few years as the world tries to bounce back from this pandemic. We’ll all need to be ready to cope with negative reverberations in public health, and brace for the social and economic setbacks that see us limping towards better, brighter days.

On that depressing note, I shall bid you all farewell. Have good day, bloggers!

10 thoughts on “Bleak”

  1. Yay for a successful holiday plan 😀 I see plan B is working well. Sending 🤗🤗 to help with mental health.
    PS The Health Minister was where the buck stops. When I was Chair of Clarence Landcare all the decisions made carried my signature and if there were any ramifications, it was on me. Thankfully nothing went pear shaped

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