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Going on a Date

I wait for Derek with increasing anticipation. 'Harriet,' Mum calls. 'Fresh banana bread, straight outta the oven.' I'm so tempted. I have an insatiable appetite for hot banana bread, lathered with butter or jam, or sometimes, even a smattering of peanut butter. But I don't want to ruin my plans for pizza in the park… Continue reading Going on a Date

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Closing the door behind me as I leave the empty room, a sob catches in my throat. I splutter and cough. 'Mindy? You OK?' asks Charles, calling from the breakfast bar. It's pertinent that he should check on me. Even in my medicated haze, I can tell he's keeping a close watch, in case I… Continue reading Grief

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Freedom Fighters

'I'll need you to disseminate this information quickly, Bruce,' I said. He lifted his gaze to meet my own. We both knew the implications behind the message. My people had become restless; when I toured the provinces, the feeling emanating from them was almost tangible, visible, like rustling leaves in a tree. I could hear… Continue reading Freedom Fighters

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Battle Within

It's been over a week since I last spoke with her. My last words were shocking, unforgivable. No wonder I've not heard a peep. I have left numerous---I've lost count---messages on her voicemail, pleading clemency, stupidity. Ignorance. White male privilege, even. Making a cup of tea, I wonder how much longer this can go on.… Continue reading Battle Within

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Finally! From midnight tonight retail, hospitality and other businesses can reopen. The invisible Ring of Steel that cuts a swath around metropolitan Melbourne is gone---well, sometime early next month we'll be allowed to travel into regional Victoria without fear of a drone following to catch and subsequently deliver fines. I wonder if there'll be any… Continue reading News