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An Affair to Remember

Over the last few days, Australians have watched with fascination over news from the political arena that’s not related to COVID. I know, right? But it’s true.

This time, we’re transfixed as the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, is slowly unravelled by the news of an affair with a bloke called Daryl.

His name alone should be enough for us all to feel sorry for her. Daryl? I mean, come on!

But seriously, bogan Aussie males aside, Gladys seems to have done a stellar job of leading her state. I admit to not knowing the ins and outs as a) I live in Victoria and b) I’m not really into politics. But as a watcher from afar, and from what I read, she’s been fabulous.

But back to the newsworthy affair.

Gladys had sex with, by all accounts, a loser. That’s her wrongdoing. Sure it seems, in an otherwise exemplary example of a professional, clever and private woman, to be a misstep of epic proportions, totally out of character. But really, what woman among us has not had sex with an idiot at some time in our past? Trust me, Gladys, we’ve all been there, we’ve all made some poor and unorthodox choices to get some action. Know that the sisterhood stands with you. Stay strong, and don’t cave. Don’t resign over a bogan called Daryl.

What truly makes me see red though is that here in Victoria, our premier has made an enormous cock-up of literally everything. No one is calling for his head on a stick.

Where’s the justice, hey?

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17 thoughts on “An Affair to Remember”

  1. I really feel for the NSW Premier. I don’t know her from a bar of soap, but she comes across as a genuine human, and less fake than most politicians at the moment. For all I know she could be just as conniving as any other first minister in the country. Her decisions for intimate connections are her business and it’s unfortunate she connected with someone who has been outed as a less than desirable choice.
    I’m hoping he is a one ‘r’ Daz, because I remain a fan of Darryl Kerrigan. In my opinion, if more blokes were like Darryl Kerrigan we’d be a better society. Darryl loves Sal and Sal loves Darryl unconditionally. Those scenes of Darryl in awe of Sal’s cooking are amongst my favourite.
    For any reader of your blog, Linda, who has no idea what I’m writing about, go and see the Australian version of the movie The Castle (1997). Don’t watch the US version which dubbed over Australian slang, watch the Australian version.

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    1. She does come across as genuine, doesn’t she? And articulate and sensible. Most unlike a politician.
      I’d completely forgotten about Darryl Kerrigan, and he’s a top bloke, but sorry, the name just puts me off 🙂

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  2. There’s a lot to be said and still more to come. The main issue is that she was in an intimate relationship for FIVE years with someone who was dishonest, corrupt and a liar while she was in power and did nothing about his crooked dealings using his political position and staff, paid by the people of NSW, to feather his own nest. She should have reported him but that would have been hard but it’s over now so she should have cut him loose years ago.
    Maybe he is good in bed even though his name is Daryl LOL I wonder if she calls him Dazza
    Gladys may be squeaky clean on the surface but more will be revealed I am sure. She is a centre Liberal and people want her to stay so the right wing nutjobs don’t take over and ruin our state.

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    1. He must’ve been a great shag, otherwise…I’m sorry, I’m gobsmacked!
      Sex with someone does not always equate to intimacy though. A person can be in a long-term sexual relationship with someone and still not be intimate. I just hope she doesn’t resign. I’m far more worried about far-left ‘woke’ leaders like Dan than right-wingers such as Gladys.

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      1. Gladys isn’t right or left wing she’s in the Center. The right wing pollies in NSW are all about money and power and fucking our environment.
        Some of the phone calls will come to light as well as a lot of her quickly deleted texts and emails when she heard that ICAC was onto him. Friends with benefits may take on a bit more that just a booty call

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      2. FWB can do, for sure but they can also keep boundaries clear. I’m not saying this is the case for Gladys as no one really knows what went down between the two of them (see what I did there 😉🤣). I was involved with a guy for many years and we had some very good times but I’d never call what we had intimate. No sharing, no lines crossed, nothing! Depends on the couple and circumstances I suppose 🤷‍♀️

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      3. It looks like Daryl took dodgy developers to meet with Gladys and he facilitated exchanges with other pollies and developers…all for a bit of cash on the side. It is getting worse for her. I did have a wry smile at your funny Linda 😀 😀
        I had the same arrangement with some women….good times but no forever after on both sides. “rules” were made and once it was over, it was over. It does depend on who you are and what each other wants

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      4. It does look bad for her, yes. But I can’t get past the fact that she’s in trouble for a root, whereas Dan’s cocked up the hotel quarantine thereby resulting in close to 800 deaths, quite clearly lying about it and throwing ministers and bureaucrats under the bus to save himself, and no one is calling for him to resign 😱🤬

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      5. Doesn’t someone call for him to resign everyday?
        Gladys also allowed the Ruby Princess to let the passengers disembark and spread Covid through NSW
        Made me laugh with “she’s in trouble for a root” 😀

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      6. Yes but she dealt with it and admitted her party’s error in that. Dan’s playing with a ridiculous lie called a ‘creeping assumption’. Honestly!! I have no words!!!
        I think many ordinary people ask daily for Dan’s head on a stake but so far no one is contesting leadership.

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    1. True, but the former NSW premier had to resign over a bottle of wine. He’s a man. I was whinging more about our fuckwit of a premier who’s lying, obfuscating and generally cocking up everything and across the border Gladys has a shag with a loser and looks like she’ll have to resign.

      But yes, Trump is quite the piece of work 😱😱😱

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  3. Funny thing, I was chatting to a chap I know in Melbourne and he said that your guy’s current approval ratings were quite high. But, yeah, from Daryl I jumped straight away to Coming to America, so straight away back to the mid-Eighties.

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    1. There is, unfathomably, a lot of support for him. It’s mainly because the media is not asking the tough questions, nor holding him to account. He’s also shut down parliament so that the opposition is prevented from being able to follow the normal democratic processes. It’s completely fucked.

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