Grand Final Celebrations?

Living here is like being in a swamp of mire. There’s lies from leaders who finagle and obfuscate. Reading the news results in rage or depression. Neither is good.

The AFL Grand Final is this Saturday, albeit—for the first time ever—held outside of the state of Victoria and played at night. It’s a big thing, our national sport’s ultimate culminating event. Even those who don’t follow the footy watch the grand final, inviting friends around to watch over BBQs, or meat pies, cheese platters, beers and bubbles.

This year?

Nope. Those of us in Victoria, the traditional home of the grand final, are not allowed to have friends over.

But wait! Apparently, we’ve behaved so well our leader is considering bringing forward the relaxation of many restrictions on Sunday. Sunday? Yes, one day after the grand final. Why, I hear any person with common sense ask, can’t Dan make that announcement on Saturday at say, 11AM? That would give us time to call a few friends, rustle up a platter, turn on the oven and chuck meat pies in and have a semi-normal grand final celebration.

Why? I’ll tell you why.

Coz he’s arrogant. Got too many politicians from the opposing party, CEOs, spokespersons from peak bodies in health, science and industry, all suggesting that the people of Victoria need to be let out, return to work, and the government needs to fix its problems without keeping us under lock and key. So, he’s digging in his heels, like the classic toddler who doesn’t want to share, doesn’t know how to listen to reason.

We’re over it, Dan.

Photo by Daniel Anthony on Unsplash

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