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A Day Off

We come to another Friday, but this one is a public holiday here in Melbourne. We’ve been granted a day off work to celebrate the AFL Grand Final. The final that this year won’t even be held here.

Worse, given we’re still experiencing the harshest restrictions currently in the world, there’s nothing we can do, nowhere to go on this public holiday. Not even a road trip to a regional town, or a friend’s home for a BBQ.

What is the point?

Fear not, dear readers, I shall not yet again use this platform to sprout forth my anger and frustration at the Victorian Premier—although, it must be stated, every day there’s new evidence of his arrogance and single-mindedness. Cox Plate debacle, anyone?

Instead, to alleviate my rising panic at feeling constricted by restrictions, or feeling helplessly out of control over my own life and freedoms, I shall sit again here at my laptop and concentrate on some contract work that has rolled in over the last week. Ordinarily, Fridays are allocated to my permanent job, but the holiday gives me opportunity to work on other tasks.

And simultaneously, I’ll do some household chores and hope the sky turns from grey to blue so my washing can dry!

Enjoy the day, bloggers.

Photo by Joachim Lesne on Unsplash

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