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Still locked down

I can’t even find words today that won’t descend into an allegation of rage against Andrews and the State of Disaster Melburnians STILL find themselves in.

He has to be toppled from leadership, surely? Last week, he assured Melburnians there’d be an announcement on Sunday (yesterday) that would relax the harsh restrictions we’re living under. At his press conference yesterday, however, he informed us all he was placing a ‘cautious pause’ on any announcement. No good news for us then.

I am at a loss to understand how he has supporters from within the constituency. But there are. Yesterday, I read one person stating how grateful she is that Andrews turns up each day for his daily press conference. Um, hello? That is the very least he should be doing. The rest, more importantly, ought to concern fixing his ramshackle group of politicians and bureaucrats, bringing the state’s contact tracing methods out of last millennium (honestly, using fax machines?), and crucially, allowing businesses to reopen and people out of their homes.

Melbourne is going down the toilet, all because of Andrews.

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

17 thoughts on “Still locked down”

      1. I know you want that but to have the people of Melbourne safe was a good priority. Seeing what happened overseas when nothing was done is frightening. Gladys letting those people into Victoria didn’t help.

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      2. Important to keep people safe, yes. But the longer this went on was more about protecting the discrepancies within his own government and the health system he created as health minister years ago, and particularly so with failures in contact tracing.


  1. Your image suggested to me that there was a real place called Lockdown, so I had to go look, In fact there appear to be several, the nearest to me seems only 20 miles away. I can’t help wondering what somebody was thinking when they came up with that name for a street, and I doubt anybody will in the future.
    I must admit I have some sympathy here for politicians in general. Everybody wants a firm date but the only honest answer is “we don’t know” because the virus numbers will dictate the date.

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