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Sharing the secret

'I'm no snitch, but I gotta secret to share,' I say to Billy. 'Is it derogatory to someone? Or will it cause embarrassment to the person?' God, it's moments like this that make me wonder why I'm with him. So noble, so...I don't know...boring. I just want to tell him this juicy little bit of… Continue reading Sharing the secret

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Ready for Kinder

Sally weaves her fingers through her daughter's hair. Before long, she's crafted a beautiful braid. 'Mummy!' says Annika. 'Wooks wunnerful.' Sally smiles at her four-year-old daughter. She's thrilled that Annika's hair is finally long enough to do pretty plaits and braids, pigtails and ponies. For a while there, Sally wondered if it would ever grow.… Continue reading Ready for Kinder

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In the way

'Oh don't be so impertinent!' Mum is standing in the doorway, blocking my path. And she's telling me not to be impertinent. Honestly, this woman is the personification of inconsistency. I let myself into her flat, assuming she'd be at bridge with her other biddies, to get Dad's wedding band and watch. It was his… Continue reading In the way

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Melissa watched in fascination as the vapour rose. It twirled and danced through the air, like steam from a boiling pot. Now, the waiting. If her experiment worked, then she'd be exonerated from the published findings over a year ago. Proved to be erroneous shortly after the journal was released, Melissa and her team were… Continue reading Research

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The young woman wanders barefoot through the forest, alone. Nothing is familiar. But she's brave, fearless and she continues through the verdant surrounds. It's beautiful. Quiet. Different to home, where Mummy and Eddie fight all day. 'Ow!' She stubs her toe on the root of a myrtle beech; her cry pierces the silence. Sitting down… Continue reading Princess