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Race Day

It’s Cup Day in Melbourne.

We’ve got another public holiday here for the ‘race that stops the nation’, only this year there will be no one watching track-side. That’s right, all those horses will be galloping around the racetrack, jockeys on board, to an empty stadium and car park.

Doesn’t really bother me, as I’ve never had any desire to go to Cup Day. What’s fun about being crowded in with over 100,000 people, all of whom are inebriated to the point of being poisoned, yet dressed up to convey style and good taste (but most of the women hold their shoes), while countless thousands of dollars are bet and lost.

Please don’t misunderstand me. If that’s your bag, who am I to judge. It’s just my back starts to ache if I have to stand for long periods, and my feet are too sore for stilettos these days, which means I’d doubtless become one of those who take off their shoes. And I’m not partial to public vomiting, nor do I have spare money to bet and lose. So I keep away. See, lucid thinking on my part.

A compromise has been reached here, though. In a measure to pacify those who live for Spring Racing Carnival, many mini gatherings are planned around the city and suburbs. Hotels and cafes will do well today, with patrons dressed a little more fancier than usual. But with only ten customers allowed inside and fifty outdoors, this will send quite a lot into parks and gardens. It’s great weather for it; clear blue skies and a top of 30 degrees.

Anyway, it’s just an ordinary day here in this household. T2 is outside in the back yard with the blower/vac, doing some chores to earn back money for an iPad game over the weekend. Hubster’s out there helping him. I’ve got contract work to do. Our Girl and T1 are in their rooms.

Have a good day, bloggers!

Photo by Sheri Hooley on Unsplash

11 thoughts on “Race Day”

  1. I shall miss the annual photos of people in various poses in their drunken states. I had totally missed out on any idea that it was Melbourne Cup Day until I read this post. Oh well, get onto your contract work Linda….giddy up πŸ˜€

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