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Even here in Australia, a land filled with exceptional flora and fauna, we’re awaiting the outcome of America’s 2020 election results.

I’m not much into writing about politics—although the circumstances here in Melbourne over the last few months had me so hopping mad I wrote about it a fair bit—and I don’t understand the crazy state-based voting system in the US nor how elections work in general.

But I do know that most of the world seems on pause at the moment. Waiting to see if an orange buffoon gets re-elected, or an elderly frail-looking man, who can’t seem to string together a coherent sentence, becomes president.

Anyhoo, good luck to my US blogging friends. I hope you get the result you’re seeking.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Results”

  1. The best thing is if losing the plot old bloke gets in and can’t get it together and then the Vice-President takes over. A woman as President would be fabulous but oh my goodness wouldn’t there be riots by those right wing misogynistic tangerine following arseholes

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  2. I too have found myself interested in this event despite being a Malaysian. It seems like neither candidate makes for a sure-winner. A lesser of two evils kinda thing going on.

    Anyhoo, I too would like to join in on wishing the US bloggers good luck.

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  3. The frail old man who can’t string together coherent sentence is a decent, good, empathetic human being, unlike the insane orange buffoon who has been dividing and destroying the country for the past four years. It should be no contest, and yet it is.

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