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‘Alright, alright, no need to berate me!’ Sharon said.

Mary’s face was reddened from the exertion of shouting. Tears moistened her cheeks when she finally spoke, ‘Well don’t spread gossip then.’

‘I’m not sure why you’re so upset.’

‘That juicy little titbit you just told me?’ Mary said. She waited until Sharon nodded for her to continue. ‘The so-called unknown female is me.’

Sharon felt the world stop spinning. Even heard it screech to a stop on its axis. She lowered her gaze, embarrassed and mumbled, ‘Gosh, I’m sorry.’

‘Yeah, well, that’s why we should never gossip, Sharon.’

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “Gossip”

  1. And stories can get so twisted! One day two teen guys were in a minor accident. Days later one of them heard two women; the one was telling the other about the accident — details all skewed. He started to set details straight and the “teller” snipped at him. “Well I know how it happened,” she informed him, not realizing he’d been one of those involved.

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