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Holiday Plans

Richard fumes while carrying Mina’s luggage up the steps. Why she had to bring so many handbags and shoes, he’ll never know. He’d told her the plans: an overnight trek across the plains, a day parachuting over a mountain range, closing with a compromise of a rewarding four-day beach holiday rest. The bags are heavy; it seems she has enough stuff to last for weeks, probably in varying climates.


‘Yeah babe?’

‘What the hell you got packed in these bags?’

No response.

Richard unlocks the hotel room. Walks inside and heaves the luggage onto the ledge. He collapses on the bed, digs the palms of his hands over his eyes.

This holiday is designed to bring them closer. Over the last few months, they’ve been in bad tempers, rowing over the smallest issues and avoiding each other. Richard wonders, now they’re actually here, if this could be the biggest waste of money ever invested into a failing relationship.

It dawns on him as she flitters into the room. He hates her.

She’s babbling nonsense as she unpacks. Something about dinner plans. Which bikini to wear on which day.

‘I’ll be in the bar,’ he says, grabbing his room card. He’s out the door as Mina’s nattering about joining him once she’s showered and selected an outfit.

After the barman passes the beer across, Richard sees a woman sitting on her own, further down the bar. She wears a dress with a low-cut V-neck that exposes her breasts, almost to the nipple.

He can’t look away. Would he dare approach this woman, flirt even?

She smiles; her lips curl upwards and delightful dimples form in her cheeks, while her fingers lightly touch her cleavage. Emboldened by her signal, he moves towards her, beer in hand.

‘Hi,’ she says. Her voice is smooth and warm. Unlike Mina’s which is shrill and tinny. And irritating as fuck.

‘I’m Tilly.’

‘Richard.’ They chink glasses.

Twenty minutes later, Richard follows Tilly into her room. The door closes behind them. She’s immediately giving of herself; unwraps herself from her dress to reveal her naked body. She then kisses him with passion while taking off his shirt.

Before he realises what’s happened, they’re in the king-sized bed. In the back of his mind, in a dim recess, Richard can’t quite believe he’s sunk to this level. He’s not that kind of bloke. Yet, he’s here with Tilly; apparently he does have the temerity to cheat on Mina while they’re on a restorative vacation.

Tilly’s lips trail downwards, over his chest, past his belly button. She takes him in her mouth.

And Richard’s lost, floating in the pleasure of a generous woman.

Photo by Paul Postema on Unsplash

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