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Tis the season

Feeling festive, yet?

I am.

One more day (Friday) of my permanent part-time role before I start leave for three weeks. On Wednesday, we begin a road trip to South Australia, ready to spend Christmas Day with my parents, who I’ve not seen for eighteen months. We’ll see other rellies while we’re in SA, of course, but as we’ve booked accommodation two hours north of Adelaide, it may have to be a picnic in a location that’s roughly a halfway point for all parties.

Hubster and I have got most presents organised for the kiddies. I don’t think any of them believe in Father Christmas anymore but we’re still persisting with (very small) gifts from him. I’ve just got to buy for my parents and nieces, and something else for T2, who only wants presents that connect him deeper to the X-Box. Those are on today’s to-do list.

Our Girl finishes Year 5 tomorrow. T1 and T2 have been on school holidays since early December. It’s a relief to farewell the strangest year of schooling they’ll ever have. Our Girl is tired; I’m tired. We’re all freakin exhausted from the strain of this year. Agree?

It is rather obvious to state that this year has been tough on everyone—albeit some more so than others. But this stupid virus has taught me that everything in our world—us, systems and structures, the environment, leadership, employment, and even friendships—is fragile. It’s not too radical to state the pandemic has shown us that no one truly knows what we’re doing. We’re coasting along, living life and boom! One contagion undermines all we’ve relied on.

The Christmas season is a good reminder for all of us to feel and share love, be grateful for life, irrespective of whether our individual beliefs align with the true meaning of Christmas.

To close this rather rambling post, I hope all of you, my dear blogger friends, are getting into the spirit of the season (in whatever form it takes for you). Most of all, I hope you each get to see loved ones, hug them and spend quality time with them. And if this time of year is a struggle for you, hold your nerve, be brave and strong…just enough to come out unscathed by the experience.

Have a good day!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


8 thoughts on “Tis the season”

  1. Thanks, Linda. I’ve just arrived in Brisbane for a few days for Mum’s birthday. Then I’m back at work.
    It’s great you and your family will get back to SA and see your family there.
    I hope over the Christmas New Year period Australians will observe caution and understand the need to be safe. It would be nice if we can start the new year without drama.

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  2. Well said Linda πŸ™‚ Have a great road trip with three children and enjoy family and friends.
    I am not festive at all. This year, especially since my episode in July which has rendered me unable to get about, I haven’t sent cards, which I do every year to around ten of my closest friends and relos or have bought any presents.
    Christmas is a time for children even if they are too old to believe so I guess once I get to my besties and get swamped with her grandies I may be festive xx

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    1. Thanks Brian. I hope our road trip is good. We’re all set and ready for Wednesday, with a night’s stop in Mildura to break up the trip. I hope the festive spirit reaches you, too, at your besties. It really is contagious and kids make it better. Have I missed something huge? You’re unable to get about…what’s happened? Nothing too serious I hope?

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