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Sulks and pouts

'I'm over it.' I pause to catch my breath, to collect my thoughts. Susannah and I are in the midst of our ever-increasing arguments. I can foresee a week of her passive-aggressive behaviour. She freezes me out, see. Sulks and pouts, gives monosyllabic responses to my attempts to cajole her back to normal. But this… Continue reading Sulks and pouts

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Tis the season

Feeling festive, yet? I am. One more day (Friday) of my permanent part-time role before I start leave for three weeks. On Wednesday, we begin a road trip to South Australia, ready to spend Christmas Day with my parents, who I've not seen for eighteen months. We'll see other rellies while we're in SA, of… Continue reading Tis the season

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The Masquerade Party

Ella weaved her way through the crowd, desperate to find Simon. Impeccably well-dressed bodies pressed against each other, their identity covered by a mask. Damn masquerade party. Trust Bethany to come up with this idea; she had far too much money and too little common sense. It wasn't Bethany's fault that the timing was off… Continue reading The Masquerade Party

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Shell’s Camp

I'm hot, sweaty; at the river bed, near to where I've made camp for the past week, washing my only clothes. I am putrid; my own smell is offensive even to me. The sun feels close. In-my-face, right-there-kinda-close. Ten years ago, before the apocalypse, the weather here was pleasant. Oh, we had seasons, sure; sometimes… Continue reading Shell’s Camp

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Rona’s moment

I step onto the stage. This moment is the culmination of my dreams, and it makes all my sacrifices worthwhile. I feel fluttering within, like a butterfly is dancing in my stomach. I am hot; my hands are clammy as I hold the mic. My mind wanders to the conversation I had with Harry, my… Continue reading Rona’s moment