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Scent of the Morning

The morning's calm deteriorates as soon as Dougie's paws clack on the floorboards. Bessie giggles with delight and begins to grab his tail. Her sister, Hillary---with all the boredom of the disdainful teen---ignores Bessie but scratches Dougie behind his ears. 'Hilly,' says Bessie. 'Come and play with us.' 'Get lost.' Hillary clutches the remote. 'But… Continue reading Scent of the Morning

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Danny’s Drive

The drive was thirteen hours. Too long for an ordinary person to do in one slog, but Danny placed himself on a higher plane than the rest of the population. He would be unable to articulate this himself, but this was a direct consequence of his upbringing. Always indulged by his mother, he grew up… Continue reading Danny’s Drive

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Jake and the Captain

'I believe we'll have to file this in the penumbra category,' Captain Holt said, emphasising the noun penumbra. He stood with his arms by his side, torso erect, shoulders back. A more serious man, Peralta had never met. Peralta himself was a goon, a good-time boy, always looking for a laugh and often set up… Continue reading Jake and the Captain

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Witness (Part 2)

To read Part 1, click here. Anna nodded as her mum spoke. 'I'm right, aren't I, dear,' said Betty. Anna paused. 'Mum,' she said. 'There's more to it.' She had to tell her that the body she'd found in the shrubs was her ex-husband's. The police would be knocking on her front door soon. Perhaps… Continue reading Witness (Part 2)

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'But I don't even understand why you had to go there,' Betty said to her eldest child, Anna. 'Mum, I'm a grown woman. I can go where I like.' 'Well, now you're in a bit of a muddle, aren't you?' Anna stared into the space just over her mother's left shoulder. Mum was right. She… Continue reading Witness