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I’m pretty sure I’ve written a post with the word ‘sangfroid‘ in it sometime ago. But instead of searching for it, and wasting time (supposed to be working), I’ll just say hello to you all, my blogger friends, and wish you a very happy day.


11 thoughts on “Instead”

      1. Oh no that sucks. At least you were really washing your hair rather than telling a boy you were washing your hair to stop him pestering you 🤣
        Hope the backs heals quickly.
        I’m working from home, so it’s busy but manageable.

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  1. I did a search on the word “sangfroid” on my blog and discovered that it was a prompt word I used in a post on September 5th of 2018, so I skipped using it in a post today. Matter of fact, I didn’t use my own prompt word, “instead,” in a post today either.

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