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The meme

A meme can lighten any moment.

At least, that’s what Tammy thinks as she sees meme after meme pop up on her Facebook feed.

Only two days ago, the collective feeling around the world over the tennis star’s latest cock-up was horror. Now, thanks to the internet, many ordinary folks have returned to their ordinary lives, content to put the shock of Matteo Gorgonlas’ ill-fated moment at Tammy’s restaurant behind them.

It’s been good publicity, she supposes. A celebrity dining at Tammy’s Cucina is not what you’d call rare, but Matteo’s grope of the young waitress’s boob, his hand sliding up her skirt, and his insistence that she join him for further dirty deeds in the back lane certainly are. Tilda’s refusal and Matteo’s ensuing rage, all caught on camera by another diner, went viral within an hour. Turns out there’s nothing like a celebrity breaking dinnerware and ripping his clothes off in an act of violent anger makes addictive viewing on the internet.

But reading the comments, Tammy can see that although Matteo’s not forgiven, the horrible night is now viewed as amusing by most of the public.

Not by Tilda, however, who’s called in sick ever since and, according to her mother, is in a dark place. Which serves as a reminder to Tammy that one moment in time with an entitled upstart can really fuck up someone else’s life.

Photo by K8 on Unsplash

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