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America has a new president.

As an Australian, there’s not much I understand about American politics. And because of that, I don’t usually make comments.

But, goodness, didn’t we all hear the collective sigh of relief as Trump left the White House? Didn’t we all marvel at how a grown man can behave like a spoiled toddler, throwing a tantrum. Aren’t we all a bit vindicated that his behaviour has proved the majority’s opinion of him correct? That citizens were right to not vote him in for a second term? And that’ he’ll go down in history as the first president in over 150 years to not attend the inauguration of his successor? Sulking, spitting and pouting.

The character of a person is most important. That’s true for ordinary people and for those in public office. Perhaps even more so for the latter. Wherever you are in the world. And I think Trump got himself voted out, by displaying his snitchy, snappy, shitty character, over and over again.

From across the ocean, it looks as though he’s left the country in a real mess. And I hope that all Americans can be drawn together by Biden and begin to rebuild.

Photo by Robin Jonathan Deutsch on Unsplash

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  1. Though I get why the rejoicing’s sounding forth, it’ll be an uphill climb. In spite of Mr Trump’s personality, he only lost by a few percentage points. If (give or take) 49% voted for him and 51% voted for Mr Biden, that indicates Mr Trump wasn’t the loner or fool that “everybody” was glad to see the back of. Which means a lot of work for the upcoming govt, examining the issues those 49% are looking at and addressing them. I really hope the new administration can offer stability and build credibility.

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