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Jake and the Captain

‘I believe we’ll have to file this in the penumbra category,’ Captain Holt said, emphasising the noun penumbra. He stood with his arms by his side, torso erect, shoulders back.

A more serious man, Peralta had never met.

Peralta himself was a goon, a good-time boy, always looking for a laugh and often set up those laughs himself with pranks on his fellow detectives at the bullpen. But there was one thing that Jake Peralta was deadly serious about.

Solving crimes.

But first, he had to discover the definition of the word penumbra. Holt loved to pepper big words into ordinary conversations. Jake wasn’t sure if it was to show off his extensive vocabulary and knowledge or to highlight Jake’s lack of them.

He leaned closer to Santiago. She was already whispering back to him, can be used to describe any grey area. Anything that’s not black and white.

Nodding his thanks to Santiago, he said to Holt, ‘Sir. Let me work on it. You know I hate to leave any case unsolved. Please, sir. Gimme a chance.’

‘Alright Peralta. You got two weeks.’

Photo by Jose Lebron on Unsplash

16 thoughts on “Jake and the Captain”

    1. Ah, well took me a while. I’ve never heard of penumbra before, so had to look it up first thing. Then, drew a blank. Am supposed to be working today but haven’t written a single word, nor even opened a Word document for work purposes so far! So, I figured I may as well procrastinate further by finally writing something on here. Hubster, the boys and I have been watching Brooklyn 99 again in preparation for the release of Season 7 in early Feb on Netflix, so I guess the characters are floating in my mind. Such a word seemed to fit the character of Holt, who is similar to how I described him (have no idea if you’re familiar with the show!!).
      P.S. You can see how much I’m procrastinating about work, by the length and unnecessary information in this comment 🙂

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      1. Not watched he TV show but can see how you could make a character construct. I am glad the word gave time to think. I too am procrastinating for different reasons. It’s not often I do a post on my own prompt but I found a good photo when doing a photo folder clean up.
        You still avoiding work or back into the swing. Hope it’s been a good day so far x

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  1. A good vocabulary is a beautiful thing. It annoys me no end when I’m informed by communications experts that we must use simple words. I prefer to use the correct word when precision in language is required. I’m always getting into arguments.

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