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Danny’s Drive

The drive was thirteen hours. Too long for an ordinary person to do in one slog, but Danny placed himself on a higher plane than the rest of the population.

He would be unable to articulate this himself, but this was a direct consequence of his upbringing. Always indulged by his mother, he grew up to be an arrogant, entitled man with no sense of accountability.

A thoughtless prick, in other words.

Eleven hours into his journey, Danny’s eyes started to weep from tiredness. The white line marking the centre of the long country highway started to blur. He stifled a yawn, swallowed three NoDoze with a gulp of his Bacardi and Coke.

A single eucalyptus tree appeared on the road, swimming in a pool of water. He scratched his head. How well he knew this stretch, but this…he’d never seen before. Without slowing down, Danny swerved, expecting to splash through the shallow lake covering the bitumen. Too late, he realised his mistake. It was all an illusion, caused by extreme exhaustion. He hit the tree, travelling at 100 kph.

The emergency crews later reported the single occupant of the car, a male, was unrecognisable. The front of his vehicle was crushed around the tree; his torso moulded into the steering wheel and dash; his head on the road, a few metres behind the crash site.

A female attending the accident stared into the crumpled car with the gaze of one who’s seen too much carnage. She turned to her partner, ‘Suicide, ain’t it?’

Photo by Chris Stenger on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “Danny’s Drive”

  1. I loved this story, Linda. I remember being five years old and Mum telling me I’m arrogant, and I need to pull my head in. As a result, even if I drive from Canberra to Geelong which is a relatively short drive, I’ll break it up and stop at every bakery along the way 😊

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