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To School

‘I told you not to tell anyone,’ I say to Ruby. She’s got the biggest blabby mouth of anyone I know.

‘But I just told my friend from ballet. She doesn’t know who Jack is.’ Ruby lifts her jaw, flicks her long blonde hair over her shoulder.

‘I guess.’

We walk the rest of the way to school in silence but my insides are on simmer. Maybe Ruby’s ballet friend doesn’t know Jack, but I still asked her to keep my crush to herself. I’d die if Jack found out. I’d just drop dead from embarrassment.

‘You know, you’re too uptight about this,’ says Ruby.

As if she’s the expert.

I ignore her comment. Too angry to speak.

We arrive at school just as the warning bell chimes. I see Jack in the cricket nets with the other boys from Year 6. My head spins. His brown hair falls over his forehead and when he shoves it back into place, he glances my way. Lifts a hand to wave. I wave back.

‘Oooh-waaah, look who waved at you,’ says Ruby.

‘Shut up,’ I tell her. Then I remember I’m rostered on as class helper this week. I need to be in the classroom right now to help Miss Wilson set up for the morning session. With a sigh of relief, I say, ‘I gotta get to class.’

‘See you at recess,’ Ruby calls back.

‘Yep.’ I’ve never been more relieved we’re in different classes.

Photo by 李 陈 on Unsplash

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